Partying in Aarhus

Trip details:
Costs: EUR

Student party in Aarhus, Denmark. Video from beer drinking with frieds which turned to party in another city.


Party in Aarhus, Denmark (Shooting stars re-edit)

Original version version:

Shooting stars in Aarhus, Denmark. Student party. 2016-09-09

Blog posts Shooting stars (student party video).

Shooting stars in Aarhus, Denmark (student party video) Partying in Aarhus (Video)

Partying in Aarhus (Video)

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Facebook: The right company for the right #trip and #party :

The right company for the right #trip and #party. #Video from party in #Aarhus. Also there is post on RolandiNsh.Com

Nai-post ni Rolands Umbrovskis – public noong Linggo, Setyembre 18, 2016



Cities of Partying in Aarhus

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